So this is our blog, F&A. The name, F&A, stands for Frank & Allison. It started out accidentally. Our first phone book listing (remember paper phone books??) listed our names as: F&A Paolino. When you say it aloud, it sounds like “effin-A”. We laughed pretty hard when we saw the joke the phone company made with our names. We always got a laugh out of that, and still do.


This blog is about finding the beauty in every day. Even if that beautiful thing only lasts a moment, it has the power to make the whole day memorable. How do I know this? Think back to college. Think of something that brings a smile to your face. It is probably a short moment that you remember but it had a power to stay with you over the years. Those are the moments that make a Wonderful World, and this blog shares those moments.


We are now moving into the “next third” of our life. What is that? Look at life as an act in three parts (thirds). The first third is from ages 0-25 years, which is mostly dedicated to growing and learning. The next third, ages from 26-49, is dedicated to making money and raising a family. The next third, ages 50+, is dedicated to nothing so important except re-discovering the love of all that life has to offer. That love may have been clouded up with all the responsibilities of running a business and raising a family, but it was always there, but too often neglected.



Frank Paolino, Spam King

I am Frank, the “F” part of F&A.

For the mathematicians, the “next third” hopefully lasts a lot longer than 25 years, so it is more of a general term to describe our search for fulfilling days.

I will tell my story in flashbacks over time, but here is the Reader’s Digest version: I hate being bored. It is the worst thing for me, and causes me to shake things up, sometimes too often.

I have run my own business for a long time (too long, if you ask me), over 30 years.

I have lots of interests and hobbies, and my ADHD nature always has another one waiting for my full attentions. My interests are varied, and there is no underlying theme except for these are the things I bumped into over the years that grabbed my attention and wouldn’t let go of me.

And of course I married Allison Cote because I knew life would never be boring married to her.




I am Allison.













Do Not Try This at Home 😉 
This is not and advice blog. It is simply our story, told as best we can. This blog does not attempt to offer any practical advice or pretend to offer life help. If you derive any from it, Allison and I would love to hear how we were able to help you. F&A is simply our story, lived day by day, of trying to see the beauty in everything. We are not self-help gurus, but some of the things we do help ourselves a lot.  We are not pushing a healthy lifestyle, but we do a lot for our health because not being healthy is a real inconvenience in our search for love and beauty.

Mostly, we intend to tell the stories of one day, lived the best we can, which may contain just one perfect moment or hour, and string these together in a daisy chain.

Because it really is a Wonderful World.

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