Start over with the one you love

How crazy to move from Boston to Santa Barbara CA at 50!

Many things can be expected around midlife – generally the responsibility of raising children and career goals fill our days, then suddenly we are faced with “what’s next”.  This can often trigger feelings of restlessness or even anxiety due to ’empty nest’ syndrome or dissatisfaction in your spouse.  As a rule my motto has always been to look for the positive and so in this 50th year I’m starting out with the one I love…

In January of this year my husband, Frank and son flew to Santa Barbara California in search of our new home.  I knew Frank would love Santa Barbara, the America Riviera, but he wasn’t so sure. We had been looking on line for a couple of years and he had a picture of this town from GoogleMaps.  He arrived and immediately knew this was our next adventure, so we talked and FaceTimed and took a leap of faith by putting an offer on a house 2,788 miles away from our secure home base!

This adventure will be exciting and full of adventures, but first it requires closing out and selling our home of nearly 23 years. We must separate and live on different coasts while our baby graduates from high school. This is a tough decision but one we all agree makes sense.  Leaving friends and family is the most difficult of all.  Our dream takes shape as our eldest son relocates to Santa Barbara to join us and drives our dog, Duke, cross country.  My Mother also joins the fun and our new life begins to make sense.  Our two

Starting over with the one you Love!

Starting over with the one you Love!

other children begin their careers in NYC and Chicago but love the plan to come home to our new Home!

So we approach this adventure into midlife with purpose and desire to discover a new world, meet new friends, learn the street names and how to live in a completely new climate.  We will reinvent, fall in love again and slow down long enough to enjoy the ride.

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