Precious Time

I have been thinking about time lately. Time passes too fast. We waste it doing things we don’t like, worrying, fighting, waiting.  How much time do any of us really get in this lifetime?  Wikipedia lists the overall US life expectancy to be 78.2.  As I approach my 47th birthday I realize that means I have about 30 years remaining, which is why time, precious time, is on my mind these days.

It seems that slowing down and enjoying family and friends is the best way to spend time.  The idea of things vs relationships is key – I would rather have relationships and experiences vs things.  At nearly 47 the things accumulated in life are excessive.  I look in my attic, basement and closets and wonder what to do with all these things?  I clean out and give away, throw away but things seem to multiple. They clog the mind and take away my precious time.

What I want is to spend time with my family, laughing and doing things. I want to spend time with friends, old and new, experiencing good food, laughing and just being together. That is the stuff we remember in life, that we can hold on to, that we can pass on to our children.

Frankie, Meme (my mom), Frank, Isabelle, Dominic, Sophie and Grandfather (Frank’s dad), and of course, Duke.

I see my children growing up and moving away, starting their life. I hope they remember our Friday night pizza nights that moved to Sunday dinners with their grandparents and friends.  I hope they now understand why we insisted on “family time”.  I miss the chaos and fussing over our insistence on family time.   Now my family time is spent on group texts and Skype chats or stalking on Facebook. It works when distance is impossible to connect in person.  I think about how my parents may have wanted more information about what was happening in my young life without these social  media devices which connect us all today.

Time, this is what I think about and cherish.  Over the next 30+ year my goal is to enjoy more time with  family and friends through vacations, dinners and time over everything else.

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